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4 tips for sterilizing edible fungus bags - 2019-06-10 18:21:45
   The first is the venting plug method: using straw, cotton linters, sunflower stalks, corn cobs, etc. as materials, and tying the two ends of the bacteria bag into a venting plug. It should be noted that the straw and the sunflower stalk should be cut into small pieces of 3 cm long; the cotton linters should be folded into a cotton column with a flattened end at one end; the corn cob should be pulverized into the size of the granules and then wrapped in newspapers. The size of the stopper depends on the size of the bag. The big bag is large, and the small bag is small. It depends on the temperature of the bacteria. When the temperature is low, the plug can be smaller, and vice versa.
    The second is the loop method: you can buy the bell ring, add the cotton plug after the bag, if you can't buy the bell ring, you can also use the plastic strap to make it yourself (cut into pieces, solder with a soldering iron), external kraft paper plus Rubber band sealing. Note that the collar should be securely sleeved to prevent it from falling out.
    The third is the vent method: use a sewing machine needle to make a row of holes at a distance of 6 cm from the mouth of the bag, the hole spacing is about 1 cm. The bacteria can be sown in the hole at the time of loading. Do not puncture the hole too much, and pay attention to do not operate the bag when you puncture the hole, otherwise the bag will be easily cracked during the filling process.
    The fourth method is the venting method: use a thick tapered wooden stick with a thumb to make three 6 cm deep holes in the triangle at both ends of the bag, and then make a hole in the middle sowing place to place the bag into the Disinfected indoor bacteria. The punching action should be light and the force is too strong.