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A new method of making mushroom mother species - 2018-02-09 09:33:51
First, the choice of mushroom bacteria bottle
    Replace the test tube with a 100 ml medical saline bottle as a container for the medium.
    Second, the preparation of medium
    1. Formula: 200 grams of potato, 20 grams of glucose, 18 to 20 grams of agar, 1000 ml of water. The company is located in:
    2. Production: Potato dig to the eye, peeled and washed, cut into thin slices and add water, boiled in an aluminum pan for 25 to 30 minutes, with 4 layers of gauze filter, take the filtrate into the aluminum pan, add agar, heat the small heat Stir until the agar dissolved by adding glucose, add boiling water to make up 1000 ml, stir well, hot filling salt water bottle, bottled 8 ~ 10 ml, tampon tampons plug on the requirements of dry, elastic, suitable length, and then kraft paper Cover the part of the tampon and the bottle mouth, tighten the bottle mouth with rubber ring. The company is located in:
    Third, sterilization
    Using autoclaving, if there is no dedicated pressure cooker, home pressure cooker can be sterilized. The method is: Put the strain of bacteria bottle installed in the pressure cooker, the bottle left gaps, can not be stacked too tight, to facilitate the steam cycle, sterilization thoroughly. When the gauge pointer refers to 0.05, open the deflation valve, focus on the discharge of cold air, the pressure drops to zero, the exhaust valve is closed for autoclaving sterilization, automatic deflation for 30 minutes after home autoclave sterilization 1.5 hours, let it cool naturally, placed in vaccination box standby. The company is located in:
    Fourth, species separation
    The main method of tissue separation. Usually isolated from the fungus fruiting body pure species, the operation, from the fruiting body cut a small piece of tissue, cultured in the medium can grow pure bacteria, and mycelium germination fast, stable genetic traits, the offspring is not easy Variation occurred. The company is located in:
    1. Kinds of mushrooms disinfection: After the mushrooms are taken, cut off the stipe, into the dish clean, in the vaccination box with UV lamp irradiation 20 to 30 minutes. The company is located in:
    2. Inoculation block cut: sterilized inoculation box, torn open the fruiting body, with alcohol lamp flame sterilization cooling knife, the stem and cover the junction of the internal cut the size of soybean tissue block, into the bacteria bottle culture medium On the training. The company is located in:
    3. Inoculation block selection site: Inoculation block selection site varies according to the type of edible mushrooms, mushroom body hypertrophy of mushrooms, in the outer edge of the cover cap bacteria and folds junction tissue cut for separation. The company is located in:
    Small bacteria, cover thin, stalk empty fungi, such as mushrooms, should quickly get rid of the bacteria cover, with the top of the seeding needle to pick the top of the growth point for separation. The company is located in:
    Bacteria very thin stigma hollow spores can not easily germinated fungi, sub-layer separation method can be used to select the semi-ruptured membrane fruiting bodies, transferred to the medium, mycelium germination and then transferred to a new medium. On the larger fruiting bodies, solid texture of porous fungi, fruiting bodies should be taken outside the fleshy tissue blocks. The company is located in:
    Fruiting bodies with low water content cut 5 square centimeters of small pieces in the alcohol lamp flame baking for 5 to 10 seconds, so that the sub-entity showed micro-focus, and then use a sterile knife to cut a small piece of bacteria and meat, into the medium on. The company is located in:
    Five, training and management
    Will be placed in the tissue blocks of bacteria bottles placed on the vertical rack or platform, indoor temperature control at 20 ~ 28 ℃, after 1-2 days of tissue germination. During mycelial growth observe. Found contaminated pick out in time, after 10 days mycelium covered bottle, mother produced successfully.