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Analysis of product structure and advantages of edible fungus dryer - 2019-04-16 19:05:42
  Dryer is used in fungus, flowers, vegetables and other agricultural products baking equipment, pressure or side wind way, large amount of moisture, can significantly improve product quality, simple wooden box structure without automatic temperature control.Optional accessories: stepless air conditioning, humidity control, steam drying.
  Edible fungus dryer is a kind of fungus drying equipment.Fungus is a relatively high nutritional value of food, whether it is dried before or after a variety of fungi.So in the fungus processing and drying process what can be better drying?This requires the use of a special mushroom dryer, this dryer and the traditional drying equipment compared to what are the advantages?
  1. Automatic control.
When we use it, we only need to start the machine, and then the feeding belt will automatically deliver the clean edible fungus to the edible fungus dryer bin.
Then the bin will be uniform feed into the dryer for drying operations.
In this way, the labor intensity of the workers is greatly reduced, and there is no need to be guarded day and night.
  2. Energy saving and environmental protection.
Using edible fungus dryer for drying operation, are in the process without any pollution, it also greatly ensure the edible health, at the same time this kind of mushroom dryer than conventional dryers and more energy-saving, in the drying of the same production operation, this kind of mushroom dryer than the traditional drying equipment saves time, and energy saving, security and stability.
  3. Good drying quality.
Because edible fungus besides oneself nutrition value besides, its color, sweet, flavour and the stand or fall of configuration respect also are to depend on the use of dryer.Compared with the traditional drying equipment, the edible fungus dryer can effectively protect these aspects in the drying process.
It also meets the international health safety standard in terms of health.
  Edible fungus dryer by drying room and constitute the main body of the heat exchanger, heat exchanger is composed of electric heat pipe and heat exchanger, puts drying room, its dry indoor rectangular cavity is equipped with several layers of material plate frame, side in the wind plate on both sides, each two layers of material tray lateral side into the wind into the wind hole and is equipped with adjustable plate, drying room at the top of the combination of axial flow centrifugal fan.This machine has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, high heat exchange rate, uniform and stable temperature, good drying quality and so on.