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China International Mushroom New Product and Technology Expo - 2019-03-26 19:11:39

The 2019 China (Sanmenxia) International Edible Fungus New Products and New Technology Expo and the Morchella Forest Economic Development Seminar will be held by the China Township Enterprise Association Edible Fungus Industry Branch, China Edible Fungus Business Network and the Sanmenxia Municipal People's Government. March 27-29 was held in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. The exhibition was strongly supported by the China Township Enterprise Association, the National Agricultural Products Processing Industry Development Alliance, the China Forestry Society Linxia Economic Branch and the Henan Province Edible Fungus Association. It also received high attention and active participation from the industry colleagues. According to the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee, up to now, the planned booth has been basically booked, and the number of registered participants has exceeded 600. It is expected that the number of participants will exceed 2,000. Under the tenet of “Efficient, pragmatic and grounded”, the five highlights of this exhibition are worth looking forward to!


In addition to product exhibitions and academic exchanges, the exhibition will also arrange for delegates to visit the artificial morel planting base and the deep processing line of mushrooms. Participants will be able to understand and master the technical points of artificial cultivation of morel and the process flow of dried mushroom processing.


During the session, we will invite industry-recognized experts to give keynote speeches to various types of edible fungi and rare medicinal bacteria in the form of sub-categories and sub-forums to make the content of the meeting more precise and deeper, and to solve industrial problems in theory and practice. Participants also listened to the audience.


 As an influential annual event in the edible fungus industry, more than 200 edible fungi enterprises will participate in the exhibition and exhibition with more than 2,000 technological innovations and quality products. The products range will cover the demand for materials and production equipment. The intensive processing products and technical achievements, etc., participated in a meeting to understand all the latest and most cutting-edge information in the edible fungus industry chain. At the same time, during the session, the organizer will release the most popular new products and technologies in the industry in 2018-2019, and promote the new products and new technologies in the industry to the market and expand the influence of the brand.