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Climate change is wreaking havoc on major producers of black truffle - 2022-01-14 18:25:58
Black truffles have always been a favorite of Michelin-starred chefs and diners. However, according to European media reports, climate change is seriously destroying the main producing area of black truffles (Aragon, Spain), or will lead to its extinction.
      Black truffles sell for as much as 900 euros per kilogram on the market, but local farmers are generally pessimistic about their future, with production plummeting by 90 percent in the past five years due to a lack of sufficient rain in summer. It is reported that the next few weeks were originally the peak period of black truffle trading, but climate change has seriously affected the black truffle market.
      Climate change is not only hitting Spain, but black truffle-producing regions in France and Italy are also threatened by drought. Today, global demand for black truffles is rising, but production is declining. According to the report, more than a century ago, Europe could produce 2,000 tons of black truffles, but today it is less than 20 tons. Paul Thomas, a professor at the University of Stirling in the UK, said: "Climate change will reduce groundwater reserves and have a huge impact on truffle growth, and the prospects for black truffles may be disastrous."