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Develop mushroom industry to increase income and become rich - 2021-11-24 18:13:22
On a fine winter day, in the greenhouse of the Bolong Vegetable and Fruit Planting Cooperative in Nanzhaofu Town, Dacheng County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, the oyster mushroom cultivation bags were neatly placed, and the oyster mushrooms came out of the bags and grew gratifyingly. This year, the person in charge used the cooperative to grow The waste branches produced by more than 100 acres of peach trees are crushed and used as raw materials for mushroom cultivation. Compared with other materials before, the taste and yield have been improved, which not only reduces the cost but also increases the profit.
      It is understood that the cooperative’s oyster mushroom planting starts in mid-July each year to the end of May of the following year, and 6 crops can be harvested for each sowing. The raw material, disinfection, inoculation, harvesting, and temperature and humidity in the greenhouse are required to be produced from oyster mushrooms. Each link such as fine control and management is checked to maximize the quality of oyster mushrooms. The cooperative produces 200,000 kilograms of oyster mushrooms grown in 10 greenhouses, which are sold to Tianjin and local markets, and the customer base continues to expand.
      Pleurotus ostreatus not only has a high yield, but also has a low labor intensity, which is especially convenient for local people to work.