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Drying Process of Morel - 2019-04-09 16:48:31

Morel is a relatively petite material in the dry material, why it is relatively small, because it requires very high temperature and humidity. The water content of morel is very high, picking fresh morel, pinching it by hand, and dropping the water drop down. The water is very high, and the water is relatively easy. During the drying process, special attention should be paid to the control of temperature and humidity. If the control is not good, the drying of the material will fail. The risk is relatively large and it is a high-risk dry material.

    The requirements for the drying process of the morel are different, and the harvesting weather and the picking batch are slightly different. Affected by the weather, rainy days or fine weather, batches of morel picking, such as the first mushroom, the second mushroom, the third mushroom, the meat quality of the morel is not the same as the water content. Generally divided into three categories, the first dry-to-fresh ratio is 1:6-8, the second dry-to-fresh ratio is 1:8-10, and the third dry-to-fresh ratio is 1:10-15. materials.

    The dry-to-fresh ratio of 1:6-8 is dried, and the total time is controlled within four hours. Generally, it is dried in four stages. Generally, the time set in the first section is about 3 hours, the set temperature can be up to 35 ° C, and the humidity is controlled within 70%. The drying of the morel is required to be full, the middle of the morel is empty, the middle can not be collapsed, the collapse is not worth the money, and a low temperature qualitative fixation is performed through 3 hours.

    In the second stage, the temperature is gradually increased to 42 ° C, the drying time is about 2 hours, and the humidity will drop to less than 55%. After the second stage, the morel is obviously felt when the palm of the hand is pinched, there will be no drops of water falling on the handle, and the feeling is shrinking, and the water has been reduced a lot. After the first and second stages of drying, the temperature can be raised to 48 ° C, set at 35% humidity, and dried for 2 hours, the drying speed is much faster. When it rises to 48 ° C, the drying speed of the equipment is accelerated and it is quickly dried.

    After the second stage of drying, the surface of the morel is basically dry, and when you turn down the morel, you can hear a crisper sound. At this time, isn't it dry? Actually it is not. In fact, there is still a certain difference between the dry and the dried out of the morel. At this time, the mushroom handle is gently squeezed by hand, and the handle and the cap joint have a corner. Pinch this position, if it is soft, or touch it with your hand, it is still wet, and it proves that it is still not dry.

    Finally, the innermost moisture should be dried, the temperature should be raised to 55 ° C, set to 53 ° C, the humidity should be reduced to less than 15%, the high temperature drying of the morel, the water inside is completely dried. After drying at this stage, the tortoise can hear the crunchy sound no matter where it is pinched from anywhere. When the tray is turned down, you can hear the crackling sound, and the inside will dry out after being pinched.

    Don't rush to bag at this time, let it stay in the air for 10 minutes to 20 minutes, making it slightly softer. Otherwise, it will be damaged during the bagging process, and all will become brittle and even if there is a small crushing vibration, there will be loss.