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Edible fungus industry develops with innovation mode ceaselessly - 2019-10-05 16:30:26

"Demand for edible fungi has been on the rise in recent years as consumers seek healthier, more nutritious alternatives to food products.Edible fungi are rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes them the first choice in consumers' diets, as well as being an ideal source of nutrients for vegetarians."Canada Highline Mushrooms edible fungus, according to the relevant person in charge of the company and added: "in order to encourage further growth, the company has introduced such as' edible fungus + meat diet idea, this to improve the popularity of the edible fungus has played a positive role."

It is known that Highline Mushroom was established in 1961, the company has more than 1600 employees, currently operates 5 Mushroom farms, is the largest edible Mushroom production enterprise in Canada.Last march, the company expanded its presence in western Canada by acquiring Prairie Mushroom, the largest Mushroom producer in western Canada.In recent years, the Highline Mushrooms in Canada and the United States market sales also increased year by year, the company produces the agaricus bisporus, brown mushroom and mini brown mushroom is especially popular with consumers, and the new products, such as "edible fungus + meat" to attract consumers is also growing rapidly.