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Enoki mushroom turns seven methods of tide - 2019-05-05 17:19:14
   Turning tide of flammulina velutipes refers to the whole process from the end of picking one tide mushroom to the formation of the next tide mushroom.
   The total yield of flammulina velutipes was directly affected by the time of tide turning.
After years of practice, researchers at the institute of edible fungi in binhai county, jiangsu province have concluded the following seven methods for accelerating the tide transfer of flammulina velutipes:
   1. Timely clean the material surface.
The seeds were harvested when the lid diameter of the fruiting body reached 1 ~ 1.5 cm and the stalk length was 14 ~ 15 cm.After harvesting, remove the residual mushroom feet and small mushrooms on the material surface in time, and remove the hardened old mycelium on the individual material surface, so as to minimize mechanical damage and protect the original mushroom primal base.
   2. Proper ventilation to reduce humidity.
In the fruiting stage, in order to harvest high-quality flammulina velutipes with small cover, long stalk, light color and tender fat, a plastic film is generally covered on the mushroom bag to ensure the humidity required for flammulina velutipes growth and create a microenvironment with high carbon dioxide concentration.
But high humidity, high carbon dioxide concentration is not conducive to re-urge bud, should be exposed in the morning and evening film ventilation, so that the formation of the primordium as soon as possible, to speed up the tide.
   3.Give dim light.
Flammulina flammulina can form mushroom primordium completely in dark environment, but the number of mushroom primordium formed in dark environment is far less than that in weak scattered light environment, so it should be given some scattered light when the tide turns.
The environment of "three parts Yang, seven parts Yin" can accelerate the differentiation of mushroom primordium and make it form mushroom bud.
   4. Reasonably control the temperature.
Needle mushroom primordium formation of the optimum temperature for 13 ~ 15 ℃.
If the temperature is too high, you can increase the amount of water in the mushroom room, ventilation and cooling.It should be noted that when the temperature is high humidity can not be too large, otherwise it will make the mushroom feet black, villi increased, causing disease.
If the temperature is low, you can spray hot water or warm the mushroom house, so as not to delay the formation of mushroom primordium due to the large temperature difference, affect the growth of mushroom buds, not conducive to tide transfer.
   5. The medium does not dry.
The moisture content of culture material must reach 65% ~ 70% to ensure the normal growth of flammulina velutissima and the smooth transfer of moisture in the later stage.
If the culture material is relatively dry, more water can be added to the bag at one time, and the excess water can be poured out after 2 to 4 hours. Each bag can be supplemented with 50 to 100 ml.
   6. Turn the mushrooms around after harvesting.
After picking the first tide mushroom, turn around and produce the mushroom at the other end.
However, it should be noted that the mycelium did not send through or there are miscellaneous bacteria infection of the bag should not turn the mushroom.
Prevent mushrooms from growing around you.
Bags of flammulina often appear around the mushroom, the middle of no or very little mushroom phenomenon. Adding 20% sawdust in the medium can not only prevent mushroom from growing around, but also promote the formation of mushroom primordium.