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Ethiopia cooperates with China to develop a modern edible fungus project - 2019-12-21 10:57:39

Ethiopia and China have officially launched an edible fungus project called Ethiopia 1550, which will enable the entire east African country to make full use of modern technology and science to develop the edible fungus industry.

The project is supported by the institute of technology at Addis ababa university (AAiT), including the Ethiopian edible fungi resource development centre and the Ethiopian edible fungi technology training centre.

As a tripartite project between Addis ababa university, care China and the Ethiopian ministry of agriculture, Ethiopia 1550 will establish a standardized production, storage and technical training center for edible fungi and will be mainly responsible for the production and technical training of mother strains.Starting from a small scale, the project aims to continuously expand its location and attract more mushroom farmers to receive professional training in Ethiopia, so as to promote the productivity of edible fungi in Ethiopia and ensure the continuous growth of the country's edible fungi industry.

It was revealed that the project operators plan to set up five edible fungus project sites (two have been established so far) in and around the capital of the country, mainly to produce edible fungus strains.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the project, AAiT executive director said: "the project is expected to have positive benefits in promoting edible fungus productivity, job creation, transfer of knowledge and technology, and research and development in Ethiopia.""Although edible fungi are an important commodity globally, especially in Ethiopia, consumer preferences in that country have not been studied," said an adviser to Ethiopia's agriculture minister.