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Five problems of preventing edible fungi in winter - 2019-05-08 17:26:05
Winter is the main fruiting season of edible fungi.
   There are two main problems in the differentiation of mushroom buds: first, the greenhouse temperature is low, which is not suitable for the development and differentiation of young buds.
Second, drug effects.
   Some mushroom farmer USES a lot of pesticide to mix makings, also spray pesticide to prevent disease happening during sending bacterium, the result makes the waste gas inside mushroom bag is heavy, restrain hyphae to happen even.Treatment: after the surface is destroyed, spray 6% lime water solution twice a day for 2-3 days.If the concentration of drugs used is high, the solution should be soaked in lime water.The main reason for slow growth of young mushroom is too low temperature in the shed or the selected strain is not suitable for low temperature cultivation.Treatment: raise the temperature of the shed.
   First, the installation of greenhouse water temperature air conditioner, temperature can be adjusted at will, even if the choice of medium-high temperature strain, also can be normal mushroom;
   Second, the installation of earth heating, pay attention to the chimney to be unobstructed, and maintain a sufficient amount of wind, so as to avoid insufficient oxygen in the shed;
Third, in the top of the shed set black plastic film or high density sunshade screen, roll up the grass tomakai, the shed into the heat but not into the light, using this method of rain and snow weather can not increase temperature.
The main reason for the flourishing of aerial hyphae is the imbalance of carbon - nitrogen ratio and excessive nitrogen.Treatment method: spray limestone water with a concentration of 5% on the material surface, or soak the fungus bags with limestone water, decompose nitrogen, and make it reach the level of assimilation as soon as possible. At the same time, strengthen ventilation, make air-generated hyphae collapse as soon as possible, and knot bud.Pay attention to the deployment of base nutrients, so that the overall balance, especially to add three-dimensional sperm.
   In addition, the carbon - nitrogen ratio imbalance will also cause pachyderma.The main reasons for the failure of fruiting were not only the imbalanced nutrition of the base material and the imbalance of carbon and nitrogen, but also the temperature of the strain was not in line with the current temperature.In addition, the base material contains unknown substances, especially pesticides, can inhibit the mycelium, resulting in no mushroom.Treatment methods refer to the above treatment with limestone water.Fruiting entity base has "fungus hair" some because of poor ventilation, high humidity, edible fungi grow aerial hyphae;
   Some fungal infections, early performance for mycelium, temperature rise after the development of disease, such as brown rot is the performance of this kind.
Treatment method: after cleaning the material surface, spray 400 times of "baibing silly" liquid, reduce the humidity, observation for 1 week no longer development can be converted to normal management.