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First, the construction of greenhouses

The cultivation shed is east-west, with a leeward sun, a shed width of 5 meters, a length of 30 meters, and a depth of 0.5 meters (from the ground). It is surrounded by brick barriers or piled up into a south-north wall. The south wall is 1 meter high and the north wall is 1.5 m high. (off the ground). Every 40 meters, leave a 40cm × 40cm vent (one for each of the north and south walls). The roof is framed with bamboo rafts, covered with plastic film, and topped with straw. 3~5 days before feeding, fill the water in the shed, and then spray a layer of lime after the water seepage, the dosage is 1 kg / m2.

Second, choose a good species

Pleurotus ostreatus can be cultivated all year round. Low temperature type, the most suitable temperature is between 13~17 °C, such as bacteria, P2-2, etc.; medium temperature type, the most suitable temperature range is 20~24 °C, such as Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus ostreatus and so on.

The new cottonseed skin of the year, after the mixture was stuffed for 24 hours, the bag can be packed on the second day. The cottonseed skin of the next year is fermented for 4-6 days after mixing to eliminate the breeding of bacteria. When stacking and fermenting, the pile should be ventilated, and at least 2 times during the period, the fermentation time can not exceed 1 week. In the mixing material, the ratio of material to water should be strictly controlled. The mixing of the material is not conducive to fermentation, and is not conducive to the growth of bacteria. Nitrogen and nutrients should be added in proportion, and bacteria should be added to sterilize and prevent insects. When the bag is used, the amount of the strain is not less than 20%, so as to ensure rapid bacterial growth, and the bacteria bag is not contaminated by bacteria.

Third, the bacteria management

After the cultivation material is bagged, it is sterilized in the shed. When planting in autumn, put all the bacteria bags on the ground and put only one layer. When planting spring, the bacteria bag can be placed in 2 layers or 2-3 layers in the shape of the well. The four-layered bacteria bag of winter planting is placed in a row and the two mites are put together to promote the growth of hyphae at both ends of the bacterium bag. When planting in autumn, the shed film will be rolled up, and the greenhouse will be covered with straw curtains to prevent the greenhouse from being warmed up due to the shack. When the winter planting is carried out, the shed film is kept warm, and several straw curtains are opened during the day to increase the temperature of the shed. When the spring planting, the front of the shed film can be rolled up to cool down. Pay special attention to the temperature inside the bag during the period of the bacteria, if. When it exceeds 30 °C, immediately cool down or cool down. Once the high temperature burning bacteria occurs, the place where the green mold grows in the bacteria bag can be dug out, and the grass wood ash is adjusted into a paste filling. If the green mold has formed spores, the 20% lime water can be used to prepare the grass ash to fill the contaminated part.

Fourth, mushroom management

After the hyphae are full of bags, you can pick up the mushrooms on the ridges in the shed. When planting in autumn, the height of the pallet is 2-4 layers. 2-3 sorghum stalks or wooden sticks should be placed between each layer. Open the ventilation holes on the back wall, draw the curtain ventilation in the morning and evening, and spray the water at noon to cool down. In the winter planting, the bacteria can be placed in 8 layers. When it is hot in the afternoon, spray water, and the front shed film is rolled up to 1-1.5 m for ventilation. The general ventilation time is between 10-20 minutes. And straw curtains, in the morning, you can pull up some of the straw curtains to heat up. When the spring planting is carried out, the bacteria sample is placed on 4-8 layers, and the front shed film is rolled up to 1 meter high. The grass curtain is covered to the ground or high with the shed film depending on the temperature. Sprinkle water 1-2 times a day, keep the relative humidity in the shed at about 85%, or water in the ditch to keep the damp around the fungus. When planting and autumn planting, roll up the shed film, put down the straw curtain to avoid the shack, and pay attention to the temperature of the bacterium. After the tide mushroom is finished, it should be stopped for 3 days, and then the water will be sprayed out after the original base is formed. Generally, the first 2 mushroom can form 70%-80% of the output. In order to connect the mouth and improve the efficiency, it is better to cultivate 2-3 mushrooms in the greenhouse.