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Hericium is delicious and easy to cultivate - 2017-05-08 10:47:53

Hericium, also known as Hericium, hedgehog, etc., was originally a growth in the jungle in the precious edible fungus. Its fruiting body is round and thick, often hanging on the trunk, covered with acicular acne, the shape of the monkey's head, hence the name. Hericium fungus fresh meat, delicious flavor, high quality. The cultivation techniques are as follows:
 First, the cultivation season.
 From September to May the following year for the best season for cultivation of Hericium erinaceus.
 Second, cultivation room processing.
 Cultivation room requirements of the structure of a strong, ventilated, located near the water and heat preservation and good performance of the north facing the south houses, basement or cave and other places. Conditional production units can also be installed thermostat and ventilation equipment, for high yield, stable production, lay the foundation for quality. But no matter what kind of cultivation room, before planting must be strictly sterilized.

Third, the preparation of culture materials.
Production of the following three kinds of culture materials commonly used, the formula is:
1, sawdust culture material: 78% of mixed wood chips, rice bran or wheat bran 20%, 1% sucrose, gypsum powder 1%, water amount.
2, cottonseed hull culture material: cotton seed shell 78%, rice bran or wheat bran 20%, 1% sucrose, gypsum powder 1%, water amount.
3, bagasse culture material: broken bagasse 78%, rice bran or wheat bran 20%, soy flour 1%, gypsum powder 1%, water amount. According to the proportion of the formula of the ingredients will be evenly mixed, add water and mix well, the culture material pH adjusted to 5.5 ~ 6, water content of 65% to 70%, and then bottling.

Four, vaccination. After sterilization to be expected to temperature below 28 ℃, the bottle into the sterile room, sealed by disinfection, according to a sterile operation access to a teaspoon of bacteria, paving the bottle surface, plug the tampon can be.
Fifth, training management.
1, mycelium culture: immediately after inoculation to 25 ~ 28 ℃ under the conditions of culture, management, the main adjustment of the appropriate temperature, keep the environment dry and ventilated. Found that bacterial infection of bacteria bottles should be promptly cleaned. Until the mycelium is full of bottles, should be immediately moved to the cultivation room.
2, cooling bacteria: mycelium after the timely transfer into the cultivation room, and then vertical on the cultivation frame. Temperature control at 15 ~ 20 ℃, induced bud formation.
3, sub-entity stage management: the fruiting body began to form, should be promptly unplug the tampon, and row of rows of cells on the cultivation rack. Temperature control at 22 ℃, the relative humidity of 85% to 95%. At the same time pay attention to the cultivation room should have a good ventilation and ventilation conditions, where the fruiting body was spherical, not scattered, short thorn, rapid growth of normal, indicating good ventilation. If coral-like, then the poor ventilation, carbon dioxide may be caused by excessive accumulation, should be timely ventilation, otherwise it will reduce the mushroom yield and quality. Production generally only need to go through 12 to 15 days of culture time can harvest mushroom.