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High yield cultivation technology of oyster mushroom in greenhouse - 2019-04-23 18:58:14

1. Construction of greenhouses

  The canopy is 5 m wide, 30 m long and 0.5 m deep (away from the ground). Brick ramps or mounds are used around the canopy to form a south low north high wall. The south wall is 1 m high and the north wall is 1.5 m high (away from the ground).An air hole of 40 cm 40 cm should be left every 3 m (one for each north and south wall), the roof of the shed should be fastened with bamboo pole, covered with plastic film, and covered with straw curtain.3 ~ 5 days before feeding, the shed was filled with water, and a layer of lime was scattered after water infiltration, with a dosage of 1 kg/m2

2. Choose a good seed

  Oyster mushroom can be cultivated all year round.Low temperature type varieties, the optimum temperature between 13 to 17 ℃, such as frozen bacteria, P2-2;Medium temperature type varieties, the most suitable temperature range at 20 ~ 24 ℃, such as Chinese brake mushroom, purple spore mushroom, etc.

   The new cottonseed husk of that year can be packed 24 h after mixing and then bagged on the second day.Second year old cotton seed husk was mixed and fermented for 4-6 d to eliminate the breeding bacteria.During stacking and fermentation, the materials shall be exposed to air, and the stacking shall be turned over at least 2 times, and the fermentation time shall not exceed 1 week at most.Mix to strictly grasp the ratio of material to water, mix too wet is not conducive to fermentation, is not conducive to the growth of bacteria, nitrogen and nutrients to be added in proportion, and add bacteria medicine sterilization insect control.When bagging, the amount of bacteria should be no less than 20%, so as to ensure rapid germination and avoid contamination by bacteria.

3. hair germ management

    The cultivated materials were bagged and put into the shed.In autumn planting, put all the bags on the ground, only one layer.For spring planting, cross 2 or 3 layers of mushroom bags can be arranged.The winter planting bags were stacked in 4 layers, and the two stacks were put together to promote the growth of mycelium at both ends of the bags.Autumn planting, the shed film rolled up, covered with straw curtain, to avoid the greenhouse due to heat.Plant in winter when the shed film insulation, and in the daytime opened a few straw curtain let shed temperature.Spring planting can be rolled up in front of the shed film to cool down ventilation.Bacteria phase of paying special attention to bag temperature, if more than 30 ℃, immediately ventilation cooling or crib for heat dissipation.Once the high-temperature burning fungus occurs, the place where the green mold grows in the fungus bag can be dug up and filled with the green mold ash in a paste. If the green mold has formed spores, 20% lime water can be used to make the green mold ash and fill in the contaminated part.

4.Management of fruiting

   When the promycelium is full of bags, the mushroom can be stowed on the ridge in the shed.Autumn planting stack height 2-4 layers, between each layer to put 2-3 sorghum straw or wooden sticks, open the ventilation hole on the back wall, morning and evening pull up the straw curtain ventilation, noon water cooling.In winter planting, the fungus stack can be stowed into 8 layers, spraying water at noon when it is hot, and the front of the shed film rolled up 1-1.5m for ventilation, the general ventilation time between 10-20 minutes, after ventilation timely put down the shed film and curtain, can pull up part of the curtain warming in the morning.In spring planting, put 4 to 8 layers of mushroom stacks, roll up the front canopy film 1 m high, and cover the straw curtain to the ground or as high as the canopy film according to the temperature.Spray water 1-2 times a day to keep the relative humidity in the shed at about 85%. Also, water in the ridge and furrow can be used to keep damp around the ridge.Spring and autumn planting to roll up the shed film, put down the curtain to avoid stupor shed, pay attention to the temperature of the sticks.Water should be cut off for 3d after harvest, and then the mushroom can be sprayed out after forming the primordium.In general, 70% to 80% yield can be achieved in the first 2 days. In order to connect stubble and improve efficiency, 2-3 oyster mushroom should be cultivated in the greenhouse.