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How does oyster mushroom become yellow do? - 2019-12-07 08:38:11

The yellow hair of pleurotus ostreatus is one of the common problems in a large number of cultivation, especially the old mushroom house, the reason of dead mushroom is many, some even cause unclear.Dead mushrooms mainly have the following three conditions:

There are several reasons for the phenomenon of oyster mushroom yellow, one is the high temperature during the fruiting period, caused by insufficient humidity.Second, humidity is too large, ventilation is not good caused.Three is shed humidity, infected with macular disease.Fourth, the quality of the strain has problems.At this point should carefully look for the cause, symptomatic treatment.

One, dried dead mushroom

The expression is young mushroom dry yellow, when the hand is pressed, no water flow, water content is obviously insufficient.This is mostly due to lack of humidity.Improper ventilation of mushroom room, such as direct wind, insufficient water in the material and low atmospheric relative humidity or direct sunlight will cause dry dead mushroom.Better water management will prevent dried and dead mushrooms.

Two, wet dead mushroom

The expression is young mushroom wet show water to be soiled shape, turn yellow even putrefy later, pinch with the hand to have a lot of water drop to come out, mushroom root has peculiar smell.Its main reason is that the water is overweight, make young mushroom fruiting body moisture saturation and hypoxia, suffocate and die.Excessive water spray in the mushroom house and ventilation is not timely or mushroom root often water caused by wet dead mushroom.Therefore, proper moisture and ventilation management can effectively solve the problem of wet dead mushroom, and spray the medicine to treat macular disease if necessary.

Three, sticky dead mushroom

The young mushrooms grow slowly, then turn yellow and wet, and finally become sticky.Often occurs in the old mushroom room of the second tide and after.This is room of mushroom basically unclean, be caused by bacterial infection, once happening cure as soon as possible, the medicaments that can gush treats macular disease.