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How does the delicious dried morels soak in the hair? - 2019-05-20 19:17:37
  As morels are highly seasonal and contain heavy water, it is inconvenient to preserve them. In order to eat delicious morels in all seasons, morels are dehydrated and dried. However, when eating morels, they still need to be soaked in hair.
  Additionally the morels of these dry goods goods are in bask in making a process hard to avoid to be able to fall into dust of some ash sand dust, when bubble hair conveniently undertakes bubble is washed.
  So, what are the foaming methods of morels?
1, morels bubble hair can not use boiling water or cold water, to dry morels into 70 degrees or so hot water soak for half an hour, and then remove the cut mushroom root, clean the sand in the mushroom sandwich, put in the cool water bubble until soft.
2, morels can add white sugar bubble hair, the white sugar into the 40 degrees or so in warm water, pay attention to the proportion of 25 grams of white sugar in 100 grams of warm water, after the sugar dissolved into dry morels bubble hair shaking water until soft.
The dried morels are delicious and retain their original flavor and nutrients, just like fresh morels.
3, when the bubble is washed, can use cold water to wash the surface of dry morchella clean first, then reoccupy wen shui hair opens mushroom plait, reoccupy the hand moves gently toward a direction to stir, let silt sink into pelvic floor slowly.
4, in the bubble hair attention can not squeeze dry morels, squeeze morels not only make fragrance, nutrition loss, and sand is squeezed into the mushroom pleats, but it is difficult to wash, eat inevitably toothless.
  Additional, the water after immersing removes silt to still can clarify hind add in the dish, make tang flavour more beautiful.