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How to make delicious dried morel? - 2019-05-27 14:49:15
Because of the strong seasonality of the morel, the heavier water content is inconvenient to preserve. In order to eat the delicious morel in all seasons, the morel will be dried and dried, while still eating Need to dry the dried legumes.
    In addition, the morel products of these dry goods will inevitably fall into some dust and dust during the drying process, and the foaming will be carried out by the way. So, what are the methods of foaming morel?
    1. The foam of the morel can not be used with boiling water or cold water. Soak the dried morel into the hot water of about 70 degrees for half an hour, then remove the mushroom root and wash it in the mushroom compartment. The sediment is soaked in cold water until it is soft.
    2, morel can add white sugar bubble hair, pour sugar into warm water of about 40 degrees, pay attention to the proportion of 25 grams of white sugar added to 100 grams of warm water, after the sugar is dissolved, put the dried morel bubble and keep shaking Water can be soft. The dried morel that is soaked in this way is very delicious, and can maintain the original flavor and nutrition, just like fresh morel.
    3. When washing, first rinse the surface of dried morel with cold water, then use the warm water to open the pleats, then gently swirl in one direction, let the sediment sink into the bottom of the basin.
    4, in the foaming, pay attention to not squeeze the dried morel, pinching the morel will not only cause a lot of scent, nutrition, and the sand is squeezed into the mushroom pleats, but it is difficult to wash, can not avoid the teeth Hey. In addition, the soaked water can be clarified and added to the dish after the sediment is removed, so that the soup tastes more beautiful.