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How to make mushroom safety summer, to fall when the temperature is appropriate and then fruiting - 2017-05-02 09:06:57
Spring planted mushroom, in the harvest 2 tide - 3 tide, often due to the temperature is too high and difficult to fruiting. How to make mushroom safety summer, to fall when the temperature is appropriate and then fruiting? Present four kinds of summer method:
1,cover soil. Digging 0.8 meters wide, 0.7 meters deep, the length of the limited yang plot, put the cultivation of plastic bags with a rope tied tightly, divided into three lines, two layers of emissions in the plot, covered with sterilization Or sun exposure 12 hours of soil, casing to be higher than the ground. Dug out in late September, open the pocket, moved into the room water 1, for fruiting management.
2, closed. Tighten the culture bag mouth, the culture bag discharged in the shade or Gu Fang room, to 2 lines wide, 10 high (length depending on the venue) for a stack, stacking 20 cm. Such as arranged in the mushroom room, the vertical direction of the pile to the vent, in late September to open the culture bag mouth, and then moved into the mushroom room, spray a water, the fruiting management.
3, dry. When the temperature exceeds 30 ℃, stop the water spray to the culture material, remove the scrap on the material surface, mushroom feet, mushroom, cut the culture material with a knife into the bottom area of ​​0.3 square meters - 0.7 square meters Of the pieces, after drying stacked in a dry, ventilated, cool, clean place. To the autumn when the temperature is appropriate, the mushrooms set in the water soak 8 hours - 12 hours picked up, for fruiting management.
4, the local summer. Will be outdoor yang cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus in the summer, when the temperature is not suitable for Pleurotus ostreatus growth, stop the water, clean the material surface, dry a few days after the plastic film cover, covered with 7 cm - 10 cm thick clean Soil, a little clenched, and shade rain. Autumn temperature is appropriate, Pa soil, pull film, water, insulation, you can fruiting.