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Indonesia: Black fungus oatmeal cookies are popular - 2018-01-03 10:16:39
Recently, a MOKIES brand black fungus oatmeal cracker was promoted in Bandung, Indonesia, sought after by consumers, the product market is vast.
    According to reports, MOKIES brand black fungus oatmeal hand-made, preservative-free, fungus and oats 1: 1 content added, the current sale of cocoa, green tea, coconut sugar, red velvet, taro and other flavors, ) Price of Rs 35,000 or so, the product has been continuously hit the public buying, especially by the weight loss and white-collar workers praise.
Black fungus because of its rich nutrition, and thin beauty, blood Runchang, nourishing Moisturizing and other edible effects known as "prime of the dirty," In addition, black fungus contains plant collagen, polysaccharides can help detox diet , Resist cancer cells.
    In recent years, the steady development of Indonesian black fungus, Agaricus bisporus and Mushroom industry has also driven more and more Mogun farmers to devote themselves to deep processing of edible mushrooms. Edible mushroom cans, drinks, snacks and other products gradually march into supermarket shelves to enrich people's dining table , The success of the product also undoubtedly pointed out a bright road for the development of deep processing industry in Indonesia black fungus.