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Indonesia: Sanbao Pleurotus ostreatus industry to develop - 2017-09-28 08:38:21
    Located in Indonesia Semarang a mushroom field, bacteria package placement work has come to an end, the person in charge of Mr. Drew is counting the number of bacteria package.
    It is understood that the mushroom mushroom varieties, Mr. Drew long-term recovery from the local coffee cafes used to improve productivity, coffee grounds contains rich minerals, lipids, polyphenols and water and other nutrients for edible fungus cultivation Provide adequate nutrients to further realize the circular economy.
    "Pleurotus ostreatus industry profitable, the market demand is also increasing year by year, the current mushroom mushroom yield per kilogram price of around 12,000 rupees, listed in Semarang in short supply.In addition, the new exploration of coffee grounds cultivation is no doubt Can reduce pollution and waste, once again create benefits. "Mr. Drew said.