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Indonesia: Surabaya mushroom farmer Tukiman established mushroom factory and lead the masses to get rich - 2017-02-06 09:40:28
    It is reported that living in the Indonesian city of Surabaya Mr. Tukiman has in the mushroom industry for nearly 20 years. He fought in addition to operating their own farm, still strain selection, bacteria production, cultivation technique etc, is free to help local farmers, to strengthen the mushroom industry.
    In recent days, Mr. Tukiman and his wife are busy training consists of a team of more than and 20 people. When it comes to set up their own field mushroom for many years, Mr. Tukiman said, the mushroom field since its inception has invested nearly 5 million rupees, perennial cultivation of mushroom, mushroom and other varieties, mushroom field after expansion in funds allowed next year will increase under cultivation varieties.