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Industrialization of Pleurotus ostreatus - 2017-10-10 11:57:43

Industrialization of Pleurotus ostreatus


1.2 Preparation of culture materials
     The nitrogen and nitrogen ratio of Pleurotus nebrodensis culture should be controlled at 30 ~ 40 ︰ 1. The pH value (pH) of the culture medium should be 7.0 ~ 8.0. At present, the mature formula of edible fungus industry in Guannan County is 52% Corn cob 25%, wood chips 6%, bran 10%, corn flour 5%, lime 1.5%, light calcium carbonate 0.5%.
     1.3 spices
     According to the proportion of the preparation of the media preparation of the original, auxiliary materials, in accordance with the culture material formula accurately weighed, the use of mixer to fully mix the various materials, adjust the water content of 62% to 65%.
     2 Preparation of cultivation bags
     2.1 bagging
     Choose 17cm 38cm 0.005cm low pressure angle polyethylene plastic bags to do containers, each bag of wet material 1.0kg, the culture material to tighten the next loose, the material surface formation, the middle of the culture medium diameter 2.5cm, 11 ~ 12cm long punch , When taken out of vaccination, and then put on a straight barrel of plastic rings, rings close to the material surface, making the material and the bag wall, material surface close, plug the cotton plug or professional plastic cover.