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Ireland: a number of mushroom farms were discontinued - 2016-12-05 08:40:30

      It is reported that, since June 23rd vote, the five Irish mushroom farm has been discontinued . "Is the first British and European farmers victims" Unity Party congressman pat DILIN said. The mushroom producer organizations CMP responsible dornal. Mccarthy believes that in the next few months the Irish mushroom industry may shrink by 10%, this industry need government support and because it is "bleeding" now. In November on behalf of the mushroom industry has sought help from the British government, hoping to get the support of the government in the pound rose or after recovery. But in the just released 2017 government budget does not include their advice. The Irish mushroom industry employees about 3500 people, can create an annual 1 billion 800 million the value of the euro, which may be 26 billion euros in the Irish food industry background is not worth mentioning, but it also reflects the more hindered the development of the field Recession.