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Mycelium cultivation for shiitake - 2019-03-21 15:04:41

1. Environmental treatment:

The site of the culture tube needs to be disinfected and insecticided in advance to avoid all kinds of pollution sources such as poultry and livestock. In particular, attention should be paid to the surrounding environmental sanitation when taking off the bagging, and measures should be taken to prevent diseases and insect pests.

2. Suitable temperature and humidity:

Mushroom mycelium optimum growth temperature is 20 -- 25 ℃, should try to lower the temperature in the training ground, often ventilated to keep the environment is dry, to prevent diseases and insect pests by high temperature and high humidity.

3. Take off the outer bag:

Inoculated hypha diameter hole to more than 8 cm long, should be in the bag under temperature 28 ℃ remove bagged, bags and bags with a bamboo pole intersect, and strengthen the ventilation cooling, the platoon is wet, and disposal of the pesticide.

4. Piercings:

Piercings needs to be done when the temperature is below 25 ℃, thorn with 4 mm to 5 mm iron needle hole, each bag of 4 row, through deep hole more than 5 cm, two to three weeks, after repeated piercings twice.Each puncture should be treated with insecticide and ventilation should be strengthened.