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Netherlands: Edible mushroom shines in fashion - 2018-04-08 11:00:40

    Recently, an innovative Dutch company has become the biggest winner of the Nobel Fashion Prize for applying edible fungi to the fashion industry.
    Mycotex became a major highlight of Innovators Magazine, a biotech special issue published in January this year. The magazine published a report on the company's active pursuit of "sustainable fashion." Mycelium Textiles won the Global Change Award from the H&M Foundation in 2016 and a €150,000 bonus. The company's founder Anila Hoyt said: "This money will be invested in our next R & D."

   Anila said in an interview: "The hyphae is a completely biodegradable material. We will combine new technologies and new processes with three-dimensional modeling processes to create a sustainable textile and fashion prototype. Mycelial textiles save the cost of farmland, are not limited by the order, and reduce the consumption of water resources, and their raw materials can be directly cultivated in the laboratory, and at the same time we do not need to spray chemicals and insecticides during the production of raw materials. Textiles have shortened the supply chain of the industry and reduced transportation costs, presenting a new way of designing garments that will be degraded after simple burial.”