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Prevention and cure of mice on oyster farm - 2017-08-11 08:36:12
Rat women also called mushrooms or coccidia, marlins. There are harm everywhere, in the oyster mushroom,straw mushroom, fungus and shiitake mushrooms on the serious damage from the cultivation site point of view, outdoor cultivation than indoor cultivation occurred more.
     Impairment characteristics Rat poisoning, eating mushroom buds, young mushrooms and mature sub-entities, the Ministry of the Ministry of the left to leave a significant depression, but also chewing mycelium and culture materials.
     Control methods
     (1) do a good job of mushroom room and mushroom inside and outside the environmental health, remove the mouse during the day hidden place.
     (2) protection and use of natural enemies.
     (3) night can be artificial hunting, found that rodents can be directly used to catch tweezers. Occurrence of severe can be sprayed with dichlorvos or pyrethroid pesticides. In the absence of mushroom bed, can spray 20% dicofol sulfone 800-1000 liquid.
     Commonly used medications: dichlorvos, pyrethroids.