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Prevention and treatment of flammulina velutipes soft rot - 2019-05-24 19:04:30

Flammulina velutipes soft rot is a fungal disease caused by sporomycetes. The fungus hyphae of this disease is cottonlike and white, and the aerial hyphae is developed. The pathogenic bacteria mainly come from the culture material, followed by the spores suspended in the air falling on the feed surface or being brought in when spraying water.Under the conditions of high temperature and humidity, spore germination and infection material surface, mycelium rapidly spread to form white mycelium, which was infected at the base of flammulina velutipes, and the fungus stalk turned brown and decayed, and then developed upward to cover the whole fruiting body, which was water-soaked by the harm and gradually turned brown to soft rot.  

Control methods: 1. Spray 65% diphenyl-zinc powder on mushroom houses before feeding for cultivation.2. When local disease occurs, immediately stop spraying water, strengthen ventilation and reduce humidity, remove local diseased mushrooms, and sprinkle quick lime on the affected area.3. When the disease area continues to expand, immediately spray 65% dithane zinc 600-fold solution, 40% dobutrin 800-fold solution, 70% methyltobutrin 800-fold solution or 50% benzone 1000-fold solution for prevention and treatment.