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Growing environment:


Ganoderma lucidum, also known as Lin Zhongling, is best grown in the forest and has the highest efficacy. At present, there are also artificial greenhouses, mainly grown in relatively humid places.


Ganoderma lucidum is a high-temperature fungus that grows between 15 and 35 ° C and has a suitable temperature of 25 to 30 ° C. The fruiting bodies can grow in the range of 10 to 32 ° C, but the optimum temperature for primordium differentiation and fruit body development is 25 to 28 ° C. Below 25 ° C, the fruiting bodies grow slowly and the color of the skin is also poor; above 35 ° C, the fruiting bodies will die. Ganoderma lucidum requires high humidity for growth. As the temperature difference between day and night increases, the time for the hyphae to fill the bag is prolonged.


In the mycelial growth period, the water content of the medium is required to be 55% to 60%, and the relative humidity of the air is 70% to 80%. During the development of the fruiting body, the relative humidity of the air is required to be 90% to 95%. If it is less than 80%, the fruiting body will grow poorly, and the young growth point at the edge of the cap will become dark gray or dark brown.


Ganoderma lucidum is an aerobic fungus that requires fresh air throughout its growth and development. Especially in the growth and development stage of fruiting bodies, it is more sensitive to carbon dioxide. When the carbon dioxide content in the air increases to 0.1%, the fruiting body cannot open the umbrella and grow into staghorn-like branches. When the content reaches 1%, the fruiting body develops extremely abnormally, without any tissue differentiation and deformity.


Ganoderma lucidum is very sensitive to light during growth and development. Light has a significant inhibitory effect on mycelial growth. The growth rate is the fastest in dark and dark conditions. When the illuminance is increased to 3000 lux, the growth rate is only half of that under full dark conditions. The growth and development of fruiting bodies is indispensable for light. In the 1500-5000 lux, the stipe and cap are growing rapidly, thick and thick, and the cover is thick.


Cultivation pattern:


Folding cultivation technique

Construction site selection


Choose Ganoderma lucidum greenhouse with heat preservation, good ventilation, proper light, smooth drainage and convenient management. The floor is cleaned, the wall is clean and moisture resistant. The size of the Ganoderma lucidum shed depends on the amount of culture material. It is generally built in the woods, in the forest front and behind the house, and the location near the water source is most suitable.


The culture shed should be strictly disinfected before entering the shed. The space per cubic meter is sealed with formaldehyde 5 ml and 10 g of potassium permanganate for 24 hours. Spring is best from April to May, and autumn is best from September to October.


Production of Ganoderma lucidum


The planting ingredients can be 77% cottonseed, 10% bran, 10% corn flour, 1% sugar, phosphate and gypsum; 70% wood chips, 25% bran, 2% soybean powder, 1% phosphate fertilizer, 1.5% gypsum and Sugar is prepared in 0.5%. When preparing, first mix the cottonseed husk, wood chips, bran, gypsum powder and other raw materials, the water content is 60%~65%. When the hand is grasped, the finger joint has water overflow but not dripping. After the cultivation materials are mixed, the bags are packed with a bagging machine. The plastic bags are made of polypropylene or polyethylene cylinders of 15 cm by 35 cm or 17 cm 33 cm, and each bag is filled with 400-450 g of dry material. The polyethylene bag is sterilized by atmospheric pressure for 10 to 12 hours, and the polypropylene plastic bag is autoclaved for 2 hours. When it is cooled to below 30 °C, it is inoculated into the sterile room. One bottle of wheat grain can be inoculated with 40~45 bags of cultivated material, and one bottle of cottonseed cultivar can be inoculated with 25~35 bags of cultivation material. Move the inoculated bag into the sterilized culture chamber and discharge it in layers. Each discharge is 6~8 stories high. There is a pedestrian passage between the racks, and it can be turned up and down once a week to ensure the temperature of the bag is balanced and increase the oxygen in the bag. To promote the growth of bacteria, while removing the bacteria bag with green mold infection.


Management of the germinal stage


Ganoderma lucidum is a thermophilic fungus. The growth temperature of mycelium is 26~28 °C, and the fruit body grows best at 24~28 °C. The fruiting body below 18 °C can not develop normally. During the germination period, the temperature in the culture chamber is maintained at 22 to 30 ° C, and the relative humidity of the air is maintained at 50% to 60%. Ventilate for half an hour every day, and turn the bag up and down once every 5~7 days. When the hyphae is filled with two-thirds of the solvent of the bag, move it into the culture shed, loosen the mouth of the bag, and gently lift it by hand to leave a little gap. It is better to use scattered light in the shed to avoid direct sunlight. After 25 to 32 days, the hyphae can be filled with bags. The individual bags of hyphae are unevenly developed and can be singled out.



Management of the stage

When the hyphae are full of bags, the ends are cut into five-corner-sized round mouths with a blade to facilitate the emergence of the cheese. When the cigar is released, the shed temperature is maintained at 26~30°C, the relative humidity of the air is increased to 90%~95%, and the scattered light and sufficient oxygen are provided to keep the ground with shallow water. The door is opened before 8:00 am and after 4:00 pm every day. Ventilation at the ventilator and ventilation at 12 noon when the temperature is low. When the original base is inflated for 3 to 5 days, when the cap is gradually formed, the water spray is moisturized, and when the temperature is too high, the water is moisturized.


Deformity ganoderma lucidum is seen poor ventilation, to cut off in time when appear abnormal buds pileus by ganoderma lucidum ganoderma lucidum gradually from white to light yellow, from yellow to reddish brown, white cap edge disappeared basically, edge turning red, cap to leathery, ejected from auburn fog on the back of the spore, showed that ganoderma lucidum fruiting body has been mature, should be timely recovery from cutting mouth to harvest 40 ~ 45 days


Harvest processing


Ling harvest processing: wild year-round harvesting;The artificial cultivator collects and collects the fruiting bodies when the fruiting bodies are mature to remove impurities and dry them in the shade or in the sun.Or air to 80% dry, separate water to evaporate 1 hour, bask in dry, in case insect eat by moth.


Matters needing attention


Spring cheese management: 3 ~ 6 months production of ganoderma lucidum troat cheese for this stage is the key, wet to timely bacterium rod immersed immersed with 8 shovel from bacteria sticks before wearing a head to the other side and then dump the bacterium rod in the sink or ditch, to drown bacteria stick it is advisable to note: bacteria stick reduction less than one 5 of a temporary dip, temporarily not soak temperature more than 25.


Autumn zhi management: November to December output of ganoderma lucidum is called autumn zhi its management points: temperature maintain 12~15, air loudness humidity maintain 85%~90% in the case of fresh air, reduce water evaporation, do a good job of moisturizing when the cheese buds grow to soybean big hours, depending on the weather conditions when the temperature is higher than 20 spray morning and evening, noon do not spray;Rain and snow do not gush;Cloudy day less spray.


Management of Dongzhi: Ganoderma lucidum produced in January and February is called Dongzhi, and its quality is the best. At this time, the temperature inside the chamber should not be lower than 3 °C. It is not advisable to open the window in the morning and evening. When the temperature is high at noon, properly open the window and ventilate the air.