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Edible fungi are relatively difficult to store vegetables. They are still breathing and transpiration faster after harvesting.And because the nutrients and water supply from the culture materials are cut off, surface browning, mushroom stem extension, long, capping, softening and spoilage are prone to occur after harvesting.So that the freshness of edible fungi drops sharply, resulting in the loss of edible value and commodity value, usually only need 1 to 2 days at room temperature.

Different types of edible fungi has different storability. According to different types of edible fungi, their environmental requirements are different, so that their storage characteristics are also different. The following editor will introduce several edible fungi storage indicators:


 Variety  Storage temperature   Relative humidity  Gas composition O2  Gas composition CO2 Freezing point / °C   Storage life / day 
mushroom  0~2  90%-95%  0~1%  25%   -0.88       8~10
 Straw mushroom   11~12  90%-95%   __    —  <10         4-5
 Oyster mushroom  3~4   85%-90%   1%-3%  4%-5%   —  10-15
   Shiitake  4~6  80%-85%  2%-3%   10%-13%  -0.9     10-15
  Enoki   2~4     85%-90%   —  —   —  4-5
 Fungus  2~4   85%-90%  —  —  —  10-15

 Edible fungus gas storage technology

     The method of storage of the atmosphere storage is basically the same as that of the plastic membrane. The difference is that the atmosphere adjustment is to control the gas in the entire warehouse. The gas regulation mode of the air-conditioning warehouse has natural air-conditioning and mechanical air-conditioning. The following is a brief introduction:

     1. Naturally controlled air conditioning, using the respiration of the fruit body itself to reduce the oxygen concentration and increase the carbon dioxide concentration, or according to the gas component analysis results, using a ventilator to control the oxygen concentration, and using a carbon dioxide scrubber to control the carbon dioxide concentration.

     2, mechanical atmosphere storage. The edible fungi that need to be stored must be timely, harmless, and disease-free to harvest and improve the quality of harvesting. Use the respiration of the mushroom body to reduce the oxygen concentration, increase the carbon dioxide concentration, and achieve the air conditioning. Based on the plastic film account, a silicone window air conditioning storage account was developed. The fresh mushrooms are placed in a ventilated plastic basket, and the space around them is made into a crucible, and the circumference of the crucible is closed with a 0.1~0.2 mm thick polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride plastic film. 

(Source: Anhui Kend Refrigeration)