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Shiitake Mushroom's fruiting bodies often appear in the process of growing "candle mushrooms" - 2017-05-05 09:09:15
Shiitaek Mushroom's fruiting bodies often appear in the process of growing "candle mushrooms", "loose mushrooms", "lychee mushrooms" (sterile handle or sterile handle), these are mushrooms Abnormal deformity, are physiological diseases, today to introduce you to prevent the mushroom deformity method.
Prevention of mushroom deformity method:
1, the correct introduction: cultivation must first understand the characteristics of bacteria, according to local conditions to use the appropriate varieties, reasonable arrangements for inoculation season, to calculate a good scheduled vaccination time.
2, familiar with the characteristics: off the bag too early, mycelium did not reach the physiological maturity, mutation mushroom more. Hyphae physiological maturity should grasp the "one age, three standards." "A bacteria" is from the date of vaccination, after 60 days or so; "three standards" is the pocket of the tumor-like bulge-like hyphae accounted for 2/3 of the entire bag surface, local brown, There is soft and elastic.
3, control the good temperature: change the color during the period to pay attention to changes in temperature, the first 3 days to keep the temperature within 25 ℃, mushroom bed coating does not have to open ventilation. Under normal circumstances, 12 days after the end of color, 3 days after the emergence of the first wave of mushrooms.
Master the principle of temperature change, to prevent the temperature difference is not enough: the correct temperature method: the day with a film cover the mushroom bed, after 12 pm to open the film 1 hour, so that the temperature difference between day and night above 10 ℃.
4, palm humidity: timely water immersion to prevent premature water is too low: less than 40% moisture content of the tube, the mushroom is difficult, more mushrooms, the general weight of the tube than the original 30% drop when the water The
5, clever mushrooms: mushroom method should be appropriate to prevent partial dry partial wet. After each harvest of a mushroom, you must expose the membrane ventilation 6 to 7 days, so that the mycelium absorb sufficient oxygen to restore growth capacity, and then transferred to the water spray moisturizing, dry and wet alternately, urging the next wave of mushroom buds.