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Should bubble agaric to use cold water or hot water? - 2019-05-14 16:06:01
   Fungus is a food that many people like to eat, especially in the summer when the weather is getting hotter and hotter.And, the person that raises health everyday, agaric also is the food material that should choose, according to newest edition "Chinese dweller dietetic guideline" the proposal that gives us is, everyday everybody should eat 100 grams or so of alga, mushroom kind.
   Agaric is a good ingredient. If you choose dried agaric, you can add blisters to make more agaric.
But at this time, some friends asked, compared to fresh fungus, dried fungus is easier to preserve, but when the bubble should be cold or hot water?
   A lot of people think to use hot water agaric can shorten agaric immerse time, this has certain truth really, do not suggest everybody to use hot bubble agaric however.On the one hand, it is not easy for the fungus to fully soak in hot water. Although the time is shortened, the taste of the fungus is too soft and easy to fade and become sticky, which reduces the overall taste of the fungus.On the other hand, soaking the fungus in hot water is equivalent to exposing the fungus to high temperatures for a long time.
   In this state, it is easy for agaric to lose part of nutrients, and the overall nutritional value is also easy to decline.Compared with hot water soaked fungus, cold water soaked fungus takes a little longer, but it is close to perfect in both nutritional value and taste, and is also very suitable for people to eat.
   In the relevant animal experiments, it was also found that agaric polysaccharides contained in agaric can help reduce the three high levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.So, suggest everybody USES cool water bubble agaric more.You should not think that this is ok, we really need to pay attention to the issue is that the time bubble fungus.
   Some people feel to put agaric to need not be in cold water inside tube, take out can till wanting to eat, such practice is incorrect.
   Especially in the summer when the weather is getting hotter, the outside temperature is getting higher and higher.If you leave it at room temperature, even if you soak it in cold water, be careful not to let it soak for too long.When the fungus has soaked for 2 to 3 hours, you can go to see the fungus, if the fungus has been soft, it means that the pot is ready to fry, or take the water blanching.
If it is really hot weather and very high temperature, more than 20 degrees Celsius, it is best to put in the refrigerator soak.
   Prepare a bowl, put in the right amount of fungus, cold water over the fungus, on the top of the bowl with a layer of plastic wrap, into the preservation room is the most safe way to do.
   Can put an end to the material such as the bacterium outside, dirt, avoid food agaric poisoning case, edible rise can be safer.