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Thailand: Coffee Ground Helps Green Edible Fungi Production - 2018-04-16 09:54:47

Thailand: Coffee Ground Helps “Green Edible Fungi Production”

     The cultivation of edible fungi in coffee grounds is no longer a novelty, especially in the international mushroom farms. In the early years, Mexico pioneered the use of coffee grounds for the cultivation of edible fungi. Thais love desserts and coffee for ten minutes. Coffee shops of all sizes in Thailand produce large amounts of coffee grounds every day, and they eventually have to be brought into the trash. Box, causing waste. Ms. Nara Thailand used this recycling concept to maximize the integration of mushroom cultivation and waste recycling.
    "After research, we found that coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients needed by plants. Using them in combination with sawdust to cultivate edible fungi can promote high yields. We used coffee grounds and rubber sawdust at 25:75, 50: Mixing 50 and 75:25 in different proportions, the results showed that the maximum yield was achieved by mixing the coffee grounds with rubber sawdust at a ratio of 50:50. This cultivation method was more responsive to green production while at the same time responding to green. The slogan of production.” Ms. Nula introduced her enthusiastically.