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Turkey: Kelishishir City edible fungus industry is booming - 2017-08-08 08:40:04
It is understood that not long ago, Turkey Krishna Hill City Mayor Mr. Murat came to the city of a Pleurotus ostreatus base on the scale of production, equipment and other aspects of inspection, and given the relevant development planning recommendations.
In recent years, Kelishaer City agricultural sector attaches great importance to the development of edible fungus industry, long-term for the area mushroom free to provide edible fungus guidance courses and funding subsidies, it is understood that the number of underground mushrooms in the city increased significantly year by year, many mushrooms In addition, because the pork and other meat contains more fat and is not conducive to human health substances, many Turks gradually replaced by Pleurotus ostreatus instead of the small-scale production of small, The Pleurotus ostreatus is rich in protein, minerals and other nutrients, not only the three meals a day is the preferred ingredients, it is pure natural health products, regular consumption of the body is very beneficial.