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U.S.: Market for mushroom is in short supply - 2018-04-04 08:55:49
    In recent years, "mixed dishes" has become a fashion - the edible fungus is cut into Ding and mixed with meat to seek lower calories, more affordable hamburgers and other dishes. Recently, the first such hamburger was introduced in the United States.
    According to the U.S. Edible Fungi Research Institute, manufacturers are trying their best to cope with the growing demand for edible fungi. It is understood that the sales per pound in January rose by 9.7 percentage points from 2017. This leap resulted in a 5.7-percent increase in sales in January compared to last year.
    The Avondale, Pa.-based research institute stated that although producers are committed to increasing the yield of edible fungi, they are still in short supply. "Although edible mushrooms are produced throughout the year, the industry still presents a seasonal gap between supply and demand." Due to labor shortages and weather, there is insufficient supply of edible fungi. Edible fungus grows in the culture medium, but when it is composted, the continuous low temperature and harsh environment affect this link. According to Mark, a professor of food marketing at St. Joseph University in Philadelphia, “The demand for edible fungi has gradually increased in the food, beverage, and food processing industries in recent years, and continues to seek a sensible and sustainable way to meet market demand. It will be a big challenge for the edible fungi industry."