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U.S.: Mini Farms Offer Fresh Mushrooms for New Jersey Market - 2018-04-19 10:33:04
    Recently, the mini mushroom farm has attracted people's attention in New Jersey.
    Whole Foods, located in Bridgewater, NJ, has created a broad-based agricultural sector to develop mushroom farms. "I think the farm should add some creative elements to arouse people's interest." Chris Manka, the local director of Whole Foods, said, "These mushrooms will become the first choice for those who want to buy fresh mushrooms."
      The "mini-farm" idea originates from Smallhold, a new company in Brooklyn, New York. Although only a few micro-farms are displayed in sporadic restaurants, its first partner is a Whole Foods Supermarket. Weekly yields of up to 120 pounds of farm mushrooms can be found in the Bridgewater area. However, the scale of this mini-farm can be adjusted according to market demand. "Basically, we only need 4 feet * 2 feet of area is enough." Smallwater co-founder and chief operating officer Adam DeMartino said, "As for the production depends on your daily sales." Whole Foods supermarket said it wanted to end in the end of the year. Another micro-farm is built in Brooklyn.