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US: Organic Edible Fungus Products Will Continue to Become Top Retail Growth Trends - 2018-02-11 09:00:28
    According to The PRODUCE NEWS, organic farm products have experienced their peaks and valleys over the past few decades, but there is widespread acceptance that the demand for organic edible mushroom products is rapidly growing and has evolved into a major part of all North American farm produce companies. A fact.
The vice president of Giorgio Fresh, a Pennsylvania-based company, said: "Organic mushroom products will continue to be at the top of the retail industry, according to the Mushroom Council."
     It is understood that the Mushroom Council was established in 1993 to recruit producers and importers of fresh edible mushroom products, strengthen the market position of the edible mushroom industry, and maintain and expand the market of edible mushrooms. The annual average production or import 500,000 pounds (about 226 tons) edible mushroom products, including varieties of Agaricus bisporus, brown mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms,oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, crab mushrooms, maitake and so on.