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USA: Couples Dreaming of Edible Fungus Industry Established Fiddlehead Knob Family Mushroom Farm - 2018-01-29 09:21:53
    It is understood that "Fiddlehead Knob" is a fourth-generation family mushroom farm, located in the United States, Le Roy, Minnesota, "organic, environmental protection, sustainable development" concept of food, medicinal mushroom cultivation.
"We had originally wanted to use the experience of running a farm before to create an environmentally-friendly farming style. In Minnesota, there was a market gap to fill, so we decided to move here from North Carolina to start building a dream Edible mushroom cultivation. "Mushroom farm founder Stern and Davis couple passionately said.
     It is understood that, "Fiddlehead Knob" mushrooms planted in the field of mushrooms and Hericium, outdoor planting varieties are mainly grifola, mushrooms and Capsicum mushrooms, wood-based planted bed, bed planted mainly produced All kinds of mushrooms mainly sold in the form of fresh produce to the local farmers market.