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United States: Ecovative company and the Netherlands MYOMY fashion brand co-developed mycelium handbag - 2018-03-06 10:00:52
    According to "Global Fruit and Vegetable Network" reports, edible mushrooms have become well-known nutritional food, but on the other hand, mushroom mycelium can also be used as the basis for the production of high quality fabrics such as leather. American Ecovative company has always followed this concept. It is understood that the United States Ecovative company was founded in 2007, is a biomaterials company, mainly produces high-quality mycelium products, in 2017, the company produced a total of 1 million pounds of mycelium material.
    Ecovative's core mission is to conceive, develop, manufacture and market materials that are different from traditional synthetics and can have a positive impact on the Earth's ecosystem, highlighting the benefits of eco-friendly, lightweight, fire-resistant and VOC-free. The company has developed mycelial foam , Tile, seat, bottle packaging and other products. Not long ago and the Netherlands MYOMY fashion brand cooperation, the introduction of mycelium handbags, widespread concern.