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United States: Forest's key technology company Tremella Mask allowed to market! - 2018-01-09 14:19:20
Recently, scientists at Forest Code Lab Technology Group (FCL) in the United States have newly discovered a new type of tremella polysaccharide from Tremella to form a mask. Researchers extracted from Tremella Tremella polysaccharides, and then use patented technology, the fibers prepared by the use of advanced technology to make it into a mask.
  The mask overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional mask such as poor fit, poor water-holding property, poor biocompatibility, no slow-release and inconvenient use, good fit, high water holding capacity, good biocompatibility and self-enrichment Efficacy ingredients, no need to add functional ingredients, it has a whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging, repair and other effects.
     At present, the new mask has passed the scientific verification and efficacy evaluation of Kangmy's (Xiamen) Biotech Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of FCL, and the product stability test to meet the listing requirements. The future of the product will be in the FCL Group's Xiamen Cosmetics Cosmetics Co., Ltd. for mass production.