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Vietnam: Cultivation of straw mushroom broadens rich road - 2018-03-28 15:07:13
    Recently, in Tan Tim Family Co., Ltd., Yonglong Province, Vietnam, the person in charge, Mr. Chung, is monitoring the growth of the straw mushroom.
"The straw mushroom has a small investment in cultivation and a considerable profit, and its cultivation requires the use of a large amount of crop straw, which turns waste into treasure, increases the income of farmers, and reduces the environmental pollution caused by straw burning. When it was decided to cultivate straw mushrooms, I studied with my father for nearly three months. After mastering the technology, I set up a mushroom farm covering an area of 100 square meters. Now I am able to earn 3-40 million VND per day after the market is listed.” .
     It is understood that at present, Mr. Qin is planning to invest in another mushroom farm with his father and is expected to break the daily profit to 1 million Vietnamese Dong by the end of 2018.