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Vietnam: Saussurea Mushrooms earned 400 million Vietnamese dongs in annual revenue - 2017-11-28 08:53:31
    Vietnam Jiaolai Province, the ancient city of Polaris mushroom Guizhu usher in fruiting mushrooms neat, employees are busy picking, packing, loading ... ... formed a beautiful landscape.
    According to the head of the farm, Master Tan introduced in 2014, he and his wife began to engage in edible fungi cultivation, initially due to a lack of knowledge and cultivation experience of edible fungi, test led to a large number of dead mushrooms, rotten mushrooms, temporary morale, but then By constantly learning and re-testing species make Mushroom Farm steady development. At present, the venue can accommodate 120,000 packets of bags of bacteria, the daily harvest of show mushrooms often in short supply after listing, mushroom farm average annual revenue up to 400000000 VND.