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Vietnam: peace mushroom field record 10-15 billion Vietnamese annual sales - 2017-09-22 08:25:58
"I have raised pigs before, and even sell crickets to subsidize the family, but in the end ended in failure, and finally by a friend, I came into contact with the mushroom industry and began to cultivate the road, which is nothing more than my family income to open a door. "Vietnam Qinghua City, the head of peace mushroom Mr. Yang said enthusiastically.
It is reported that peace mushroom in Qinghua City has a small celebrity, mushroom field cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum, mushrooms, black fungus and mushroom varieties, very hot, mushroom field annual sales of about 10-15 billion Vietnamese dong.
With the gradual strengthening of people's health awareness, edible fungus with its delicious taste, nutrient-rich, health care characteristics, conform to the people's new food consumption concept. Therefore, edible fungi has also become the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization recommended the 21st century health food, the World Health Organization recommended "a meat, a vegetarian, mushroom" health diet, on this basis, to edible fungus-based ecology Food industry is gradually becoming a huge potential for the development of new industries.