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What causes the shiitake mushroom yellow water pearl, the fungus and the hyphae to shrink? - 2019-03-09 09:33:01

There are three important stages in the culture of lentinus edodes

First, the slow growth stage: inoculation after the strain to the new environment to gradually adapt, so slow growth.The length of slow growth time is related to the age, growth, physicochemical properties and conditions of culture medium.In AGAR medium, the slow growth period was generally 2 ~ 4 days, and in natural medium, 7 ~ 14 days.

Second, rapid growth stage: when mycelia have adapted to the new culture environment, the amount of growth mycelia is also greatly increased, thus entering the rapid growth stage.During this period, the liquid culture was generally only 2-3 days. The types of gene substrates in solid culture were different, but in general, the duration of the liquid culture was much longer than that of the liquid culture, which was generally 8-25 days and lasted until the whole culture medium was full.At this time on the solid medium, the mycelial cells grow more slowly than on the liquid medium.

Third, stagnated growth stage: after the rapid growth of mycelia, due to the depletion of nutrients in the matrix, the lack of oxygen and the accumulation of metabolites, mycelia cells can no longer carry out normal growth and enter the stagnated growth stage.During this period, if the culture is liquid, mycelium gradually autolysis;In AGAR medium, old skin was formed and mycelium dried.On the natural substrate, a large number of yellow beads and mycelium, mycelium drying shrinkage.