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What edible fungi are suitable for cultivation in summer? - 2019-05-16 19:01:21
As the spring season draws to a close, summer is becoming more and more distinct.Today we recommend some edible fungi suitable for cultivation in summer.
    Four spore mushroom
Agaricus quadrosporus, also known as big fat mushroom, is a kind of mushroom with medium temperature. Its main raw materials are wheat straw and cow and pig manure. Its cultivation techniques are basically the same as agaricus bisporus.The top priority of high quality and high yield is the regulation and control of temperature and water management, good production links and technical management, the use of market off-season development, income is also very considerable.
    Straw mushrooms
Different from the mushroom with four spores, which is a kind of mushroom with medium temperature, straw mushroom is a kind of edible mushroom with high temperature, because straw mushroom is usually cultivated in the high temperature season, so it pays much attention to the requirement of temperature in the process of production and cultivation.Cultivation are mostly in the average temperature in 23 ℃ above operation, the summer in early June until late August hot climate is the best time to plant straw mushrooms.In the planting process, the relationship between temperature, humidity and climate should be properly handled to avoid the situation of dead mushrooms caused by improper climate.
    The abalone mushrooms
Abalone mushroom is also a rare edible fungus of medium and high temperature type. It is famous for its unique abalone flavor. It is extremely popular in the market and its price also rises.As the market season of the person that summer plants mushroom, abalone mushroom is the cardiac agent that increases in low season.Using clinker bags, the conversion rate can usually reach about 90%, is a very reliable means of income.In the three months of summer, if the technology management is correct, it can produce about 900 kilograms of fresh mushrooms, and will have an income of 4,000-7,000 yuan.
    High temperature mushroom
It is also suitable for normal fruiting at high temperature in summer, with a variety of varieties, such as gaoping no.1, pink mushroom and delicious red mushroom.Between June and August, with the advent of high temperature climate, mushroom market will be relatively flat, which also precisely for the cultivation of high temperature oyster mushroom farmers have provided a favorable development environment.