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Why can king oyster mushroom get black head disease? - 2019-05-22 19:51:36
Flammulina velutipes is one of our common fungi.
It is not as thick and large as other mushrooms, it is made up of many small bacteria.
It has a certain value, a lot of people are planting it, but some farmers say, in the planting time to deal with it will make it suffer from disease, today we take you to understand how to deal with the mushroom black head disease, and what are the preventive measures.
Flammulina mushrooms grow well in temperatures ranging from 5 to 32 degrees, though the optimum temperature is around 25 degrees.
It is highly resistant to low temperatures and stops growing when the temperature is around 34.
If it grows very slowly in the winter, and they can't stand the cold at all, the temperature is too low, it will freeze them to death, so be sure to take good measures to keep warm.
And it is not very resistant to high temperatures, if the temperature exceeds 34 degrees, it will be exposed to the sun and die.
The temperature difference between morning and evening is large and unstable.
When we plant, we also need to adjust the temperature to ensure their growth.
When this kind of mushroom grows, it is quite high to environmental condition.
The fungus is very sensitive to carbon dioxide as it grows, and grows very slowly when carbon dioxide is present in the environment.
So we have to reduce the amount of carbon when we plant it, to avoid damaging some of the growth in it.
This will make it grow better.
After they grow well, we should go to the field in time to pick, if not in time to pick, their nutrients will scatter, become dry, like water is very easy to appear aging phenomenon.
Generally when they grow to about 12 to 15 centimeters, they are ready to be harvested.
In the harvest time to pay attention to the method of harvesting, to avoid picking them in the process of breaking them, their bacteria is very fine, although elastic, but also easy to get ugly.
When picking, we just hold the root part and shake it gently, and when we see the soil is loose, we can pull it out.
As they grow we need to know what causes them. Blackhead disease is also called bacterial brown spot.
Can cause the mildew of golden mushroom, once this kind of serious infection, it is very disadvantageous to the person that raises golden mushroom in large area.
The bug first infects its surface, but does not penetrate.
When it gets sick, it will have some yellow areas on the bacteria, and will gradually become dark, and then form some large and small disease spots.
Especially when the air humidity is relatively high, this condition can be very serious.
It also oozes out some slime, causing the entire mushroom to turn dark brown.
This disease is mainly caused by our improper preservation. If we put them in a hot and humid place, they are easy to cause the breeding of bacteria.
Because this variety is not very good resistance to disease, it is easy to be infected with bacteria.
They are also susceptible to bacterial interference if they have some water on them for a long time.
We'd better keep them in a ventilated place and keep them in a dry state, so as to reduce the occurrence of diseases.