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Why the oyster mushroom grows so slow with using the wood sawdust as substrates? - 2017-08-12 08:53:53

Why the oyster mushroom grows so slow with using the wood sawdust as substrates?

1. Inconsistency of strain and season. If the winter cultivation of high-temperature varieties of Pleurotus ostreatus, will cause Pleurotus ostreatus "discomfort", mainly for the slow bacteria, mushroom late, or even no bacteria do not mushroom. So the cultivation of mushroom in winter to choose low-temperature varieties. Similarly, in the spring, autumn papaya growth season, we must choose high-temperature varieties.
2. Gushan environment is not suitable for "poisoning." Such as the choice in the dark, poor ventilation of the room, or selected in the unhealthy places of mushrooms, these are the causes of contamination caused by bacteria. The toxins secreted by the bacteria inhibit the growth of edible fungi, the emergence of "poisoning symptoms", the performance of Pleurotus ostreatus can not grow normally, or even completely scrapped; some although barely bacteria, but because of the fruiting period of carbon dioxide content is too high , So that can not fruiting or the formation of deformed mushrooms. Therefore, in the choice of mushroom place, should choose a good ventilation conditions, and scattered light of clean and sanitary areas.
3. Culture of contaminants. If you choose to have been contaminated, caking raw materials cultivation Pleurotus, or the deployment of nutrient materials to add nitrogen source to the material by adding excessive urea or other fertilizer, will cause a large area of pollution, resulting in no mushroom or hair Mushrooms slow. So first of all to choose clean, not caking of the culture material; second note, only in the heap fermentation of mushrooms when adding a certain amount of urea, and raw material cultivation is not free to add urea or other nitrogen.
In addition, the use of storage time is too long, acidic (spices can smell the sour taste) of the culture material will also cause the mushroom slow situation, should avoid the use of these raw materials.