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Products description:

There are some features of our shelves:

material: we use 6005 and 6063A aluminum alloy, which could give a high hardness: 6005 above HW14, and 6063A above HW12. This could give the whole shelves a better firmness and weight load.  While the aluminum has a good Corrosion resistance.

Anodizing: we anodizing some parts of the shelves: legs, sideboard, endboards to make it have a better Corrosion resistance. Other parts could also be anodized as per you choice.

Load weight: the shelves could load at least 150kgs/M2


baserail: 35mm*20mm*1mm, AL 6005, HW14 above

sideboard(anodized): 180mm*30mm*2mm, AL6063 A, HW12 above

optional sideboards (anodized):  round top, flat top, and reinforced sideboards

leg (anodized): 80mm*50mm*3mm, AL6005, HW14 above

leg leveller: 72mm*46mm*4mm, AL6005, HW14 above

double leg (anodized): 160mm*50mm*3mm, AL 6005, HW14 above

optional small legs (anodized): we have 66mm*50mm*3.5mm/80mm*30mm*4mm/55mm*30mm*3.5mm for your choice, AL6005, HW14 above

standard crossbeam: 68mm*48mm*2mm, AL6005, HW14 above

heavy crossbeam:68mm*48mm*3mm, AL6005, HW14 above

crossbeam cover(anodized): 69mm*24mm*2.5mm

End board (anodized): 180mm*20mm*2mm

picking top rail(standard)65mm*30mm*2mm

picking top rail(light)50mm*30mm*2mm

picking bottom rail:70mm*30mm*2mm

picking lorries brackets

baserail joiners: plastic

bolts and nuts: 304 stainless steel

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