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Agricultural Chaff Cutter/Straw Crusher
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  It is new machinery equipment ; it can process wood, bamboo.branch
fork etc. material into wood chips. It has the advantages of low
investment, low consumption, high productivity, good economic returns,
easy maintenance etc.

1. Wheat Straw Crusher is compact, versatile, efficient and secure.

2. With a unique vacuum suction device, the wheat straw crusher  is capable of sucking water,

reducing products’ humidity, making products more conducive to storage, improving crushing

efficiency up to 10% ~ 15%, and reducing dust in grinding chamber.

3. This series Wheat Straw Crusher has a variety of types to meet different users’ needs.

4. Wheat Straw Crusher is applied to crush waste lath board, tree branches and barks, straw,

peanut vine, sweet potato vine, hay, corn stalks, cotton stalks, corn, cereal grains and other


5. Wheat Straw Crusher can process materials into different shapes and specification such as

powder, granular, filamentous or block sheets according to customers' needs.

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