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Brief Introduction of Shiitake:

Shiitake is grown on oak logs in the wild, hence its name "Shii" (oak tree) "take" (mushroom). In the more modern mushroom farms, Shiitake mushrooms are grown in plastic-bag logs filled with wood substrate and have become one of the most popular cultivated mushrooms. It is known to enhance the immune system, aiding the body to fight infection and disease, and is gaining ground in the medical world for its anti-tumor qualitites.

Popular in Asian cuisine for centuries, it has gained popularity in the United States, where it's added to salads, soups and pastas. It's also meaty and flavorful enough to be used as the primary ingredient in sandwiches. Dried shiitakes can be stored in the freezer for up to six months.

Specification of Shiitake Mushroom Log:


Shiitake mushroom logs/spawn


Overall color is brown, mushrooms with flower pattern on top

Cultivation model

Shelf cultivation


12cm*42cm(Diameter*Length); or can be customized 



Anticipated yield


Suggested Fruiting Circles

5 flushes

Fruiting Period

5 month 


Mesh bag or could be customized.



Storage Temperature

-2 to-0°C(Minus 2 degrees Celsius to 0 degree Celsius)


Transport temperature

-5°C ( Minus 5 degrees Celsius)

Shipment method

By sea, Refrigerated container

Minimum order quantity

10000 pcs/1FCL*40RQ

Delivery time

15 days in general. Based on quantity. 


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