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Cool Mist Air Ultrasonic Humidifier
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1. Internal adopting integrated type ultrasound machine, no mechanical drive, no noise, producing certain negativeion and low failure rate and easy maintenance, the output fog grain diameter only be 1- 10 μ. The stainless steel body, powder coated, beautiful appearance, standard filling water mouth, switch andoutle water spill, including nozzle to be automatic filling water, automatic control water level;

2. High atomization efficiency (nearly 100%): producing small and even fog, quickly meeting the requirements of the relative humidity, saving water.

3. Droplet Size: Steamsize droplets. One micron droplets allow for immediate evaporation like steam. Competitive spray nozzle systemscreate up to 20 micron droplets, risking wetness on equipment and in ductwork.

4. Health: All dissolved liquids are removed from the water feeding into ultrasonics.

5. Energy Cost: Ultrasonics generate 1 micron size droplets for as little as 1/13 the price of steam. This can save thousands of dollars in annual operating costs. In addition, ultrasonics turn on and off instantly, while steam units preheat, using more electricity.

6. Maintenance: Since water is purified before entry into the ultrasonic humidifier, there is considerably less maintenance required of an ultrasonic system as opposed to steam.

7. RH Accuracy: Ultrasonics provide instant on/off of mist. As soon as the air strays from the relative humidity setpoint, an ultrasonic humidifier instantly turns on.

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